and looks like the plan to have prohibition back in south dakota and also going to prove the person who is trying to get it on the ballot a hypocrit since the same group that is sponsoring the ballot to make tobacco and booze illegal to be sold in the state also have plans now and going to try and get on the ballot to legalize marijuana  mostly medical type provided the person gets a note from his or her doctor .  which is interesting given how conservative the state is that the only time i would ever see the state legalize marijuana is if the federal goverment finaly legalizes it yet now if the group gets the signatures needed what may be on the ballot is south dakota could wind up joining the few states that have okayed marijuana yes south dakota . which is interesting since the ballot petition is being done by the same group trying to get rid or smokes and booze which would wind up if the thing though doubtful passes by voters would wind up biting them in the foot since if and doubtful the ballot issue on tobaco passes too since marijuna can be smoked the group would bite themselves in the butt for it would be illegal to pass it since it would fall under tobaco. never the less plans are a foot to have south dakota join the ranks of having marijuna legal mostly for medical purposes which would mean a new tax base too.