and once again one diner showed how much he appriciated the work of the staff at the place the person since the owner of the place in washington state. blue 44 named chris nardeli said the customer who wound up leaving a tip of 2 grand on his bill of 93 bucks says he wishes to have his id. secret. yes the staff got a tip of 2 grand and all  because the cook james decided to cook up the guys normal meal which is the gumbo , friend chicken and old scotch ale . for the guy even called and asked when the gumbo would be availble and the chef told him and even made some to take home . and when the bartender laura went to get the bill which was 93 total she found on the credit card receipt in the tip 2 grand  . which was to be divided with  a grand for the cook james . and 500 each for chris and laura. talk abut making a staff s day . the mystery gumbo guy must really love the staff and how much effort they took to make sure he is taken care of as  a normal good staff should do that he repayed them with a big tip.  one of 2 the next time he comes in james will have the gumbo and chicken ready for him and sue will have the scotch on ice . as they always have before they got blown away over learning how much the regular appriciates their service.