and thus with only 24  hours left till the patriot act could expire and wind up screwing up how the government will be able to keep the nation secure since law enforcement like the fib will lose some of the tools if the act expires. congress  is now in a race to try and keep the thing from expiring  mostly all on the senate   who  looks like they are just going to in the end pass the houses bill that extended temporay the thing. since voting on their own version again could risk rand paul filibustering and the house stated they will not take up any new bill. from the senate. they could just let the thing expire and thus security agencys will find it winding up having to work with tools pre 911. or they can just as more and more see pass the house version and then later work on renewing it again. as clock ticking down to hours and hours before the patriot act could expire congress in a scramble trying to avoid a security mess