and now in 24 hours american pharoh and eight others will take what is considered the ulitimae test of horse racing including for the triple crown . belmont the last jewel and the one race that has wound up for 37 years caused other derby and preakness winners to wind up falling short of getting the glory that comes and being a legend of legends among race horses. in 24 hours american pharoh will either wind up repeating his derby and preakness win for a third time and finaly end the streak of no triple crown winner. or wind up joining the club of those who after nabbing the first two jewels wound up not having enough to add belmont to the win. due to running out of juice on the track or some injury or error even by the jokey who also will be tested too mostly to either deny a triple crown or for american pharohs after two other times trying and getting the triple crown going to try and make third times the charm for it to happen at last. as 24 hours and american pharoh gets to either give race fans a triple crown winner at last and join the legends of legends or its got to wait another year .