with eyes and last minute prep given the 24 hours left before american pharoh takes his shot at horse immortality by trying to add the final jewel of the triple crown.  given how long it been since one has happen. some jokeys and horse owners are already looking into the future and seeing some changes will have to be made other wise before horse racing winds up becoming a relic mostly because if a triple crown doesn’t happen before long the thing would wind up in most horse racing fans mind and the sport itself the triple crown could wind up in the unattainble catagory though just talk for nothing concrete since any changes will have to go through the governing body. though one change that should be made is that  if a horse wants to be part of a triple crown fight including trying to deny the preakness and derby winner at belmont the owner and horse has to be all in for the whole thing no longer doing derby sitting out preakness then running in belmont. or not allowed to be part of the triple crown.  has to run all three. not just two and sit out run. with an execption for injury. as with the triple crown on the line again . talk is brewing over how to keep the thing from winding up impossible to ever claim again. some changes. including maybe moving some of the races to different tracks like the talk that is going on about moving the preakness to some where else.