though hopefuly knowing the damage they took from the last time the government did a shut down boehmer and the repub leadership at least in the senate will put a kibosh on plans by some repubs to stop the presidents actions  on cuba by resorting to using the funding bills that keep the government going yes the repubs are  so mad that the president went and decided after so long to open full relations with cuba not to mention spite some of their fellow members whose home state look to benifit from new trade with cuba for goods including agriculture stuff.  even though the senate is liable to be smart enough to not follow the house  if they try some thing with the funding bills mostly proably filebuster the bills . plus the repubs learned the last time causing a government shut down over some petty thing. they wound up not being in good graces with their constituents. not to mention the president is looking forward to the showdown and will veto any attempt to stop his actions on cuba . plus has support for his moves. as next on the repubs war with the president risking a shut down over him having the u.s move to a new relationship with cuba.