and if tax payers are mad that they had to bail out the wall street execs for almost causing a economic melt down not to mention now with congress run by the repubs they are trying to be able to do away with the protections to avoid another one.  some of the execs involved are now showing their gall by filing a lawsuit saying the bail out was not enough yes the billions spent for the bail out according to among some of the parties the head of agi greenberg says the money is not enough for it violated the constitution about the government seizing ones assets . saying the agi shareholders got a raw deal along with fannie may and mac that the government had no right to seize them as a conservership. the justice department says other wise. plus what tops the gall is that after the lawsuits were dimissed by some judges. greenberg found a new judge to take his case and may rule that agi and other execs are entitled to 28 billion. as wall street shows its gall and greed whining the bail out was not enough money for them files lawsuit.