and instead of another rose ceramony though some got individual ones again the bachelorette  wound up playing musical men by sending jjs new buddy and who caused the sham of having a new gay romance brewing for ratings on the show clint and jj by sending clint packing and jj becoming the new baddie turning on his so called close friend and saying you owe every one an apology . then katylin really made the guys squirm by having them do a rap battle and then sing something from broadway. and to really  cause fire work she revealed she is thinking of bringing back a former contestant of an early season of the show nick. which had the guys upset. and now knowing they will up their game as nick came a calling. and is jj days now with clint gone numbered could given how he helped take part in his and clints little charade of looking like a gay romance could bloom and then throwing clint under the bus will katyline tell jj next no rose for you.