and just like marvel films thinking out side the box and taping tilda swifton to be the ancient one for the doctor strange film along side benidict cumberbatch. now they have gotten around to taping the baddie baron mordo one since odds are dormamu is next to cast and will be motion captured. but thinking outside the box and is sure to have some fans just like what fox has done with the human torch in the ff film coming. marvel tapped chiwetel ejidfor to play doctor strange’s enemy chiwetel had long been rumored  to be black panther or if not black panther luke cage for the at one time talked about film. but mostly was talked about  for black panther instead he now part of the marvel film verse as the baddy for the sorercer supreme doctor strange  . should be interesting how  chiwetel pulls off mordo espically since odds are main baddie is none other then dormumu. still marvel films  sucess is picking actors they see fit for roles and maybe surprising that pays off. and  chiwetel is now part of that club as baron mordo for doctor strange.