and hollywood both fantasy and  horror fans including of the hammer horror  are now in mouring as after his widow informed his family news broke that legendary actor sir chrispher lee passed away from illness at age 93 . christopher had a long career mostly from playing dracula in the hammer horror version of the tale to starting with timmy dalton in  the man with the golden gun and even getting arrest at an airport  with the gun. but to  to todays film goers he play sauramon in the lord of the rings triology .  plus also lord doku in the star wars prequels.  since sir lee who was knighted said he was born to play baddies the roles fit him perfect. plus he even dabbled in music heavy metal . as hollywood has now lost a true one of a kind icon and   a guy who made you like the baddie given his performance and skill. rip sir christopher lee. hope god  is busy taking the hours and hours it would be needed to hear your stories of your career.  sympathy to his friends and family for their loss. there will be no other like christopher lee for he was in a class by himself.