and as gay couples and states now get ready and wait for the justices on scotus to wind deciding their happiness as married couples and some states like  north carolina going so far as making it so court clerks can refuses still license citing religeos reasons for any one though mostly gay couples plus as expected the gaggle that is the repub presidental canidate snake pit rumbling about a constitutional amendment to over turn the ruling which has no chance .  never the less the wait now continues to just weeks as  given the courts history of not issuing big rulings in big talked about cases including the one that could screw people out of health care. that odds are in three weeks now when the term ends for scotus gay couples and the nation will learn once and for all gay marriage legality for in three weeks scotus will finaly end the wait and  gay marriage new fate will be decided count down of weeks now for scotus deciding the marriage fate of couples nation wide. and starting rumblings of the old oh constitutional amendment that will go no where.