and america’s got talent really had fireworks this time around from a guy who did some cliff jumping out of a helicopter and almost didn’t have his shute open . to when a lady came and sang  howard accused hedi and mel of being unamerican since they buzzed her plus she was doing a bad version of america the beightiful. split vote. then a dance group got through  plus an ex con who even got howards mother in on the card trick made it through. and then came the crazyness from a young man who invented a new water sport he got through then a guy who strapped a bunch of fireworks to himself and lit them . he made it with mel saying in a sick way i want to see more and he got through he is lucky he did not blow himself to bits. then came a group of motorcyclists who revealed to howard when he asked if they ever got hurt that they have started on the road to someday match evil knievel record though hopefuly they retire long before then. and had the judges going nuts the way they were jumping around risking crashing into each other.  then the real fireworks as a crazy group of performers one member who survived being flatten by a train wound up crashing a bus into two other buses. and had the judges worried that they wound up dead as the medical staff on hand had to cut the guys out of the bus and they showed they are hard to kill . and got through  as american got talent wound up with fireworks and crazyness galore.