when comedy fans think of laurel and hardy they think of their old routine including this a fine mess you have gotten me into . though older fans also know  of what is considered there one missing work and a lost piece of history one of their first films they did way back in 1927  that also featured pre costalo of abbot and costalo fame as and extra. the film called battle of the century had laurel as a boxer and hardy his manager but is most known for fans from the pie fight that breaks out in the end which most figured lost long with the second reel of the original film for the only way most could see this film was till now was a edited print that was made from the first reel. the second reel thought lost for good till now when film historian john millias came across the long missing second reel of this hollywood history and now the library of congress has it and fans will after a full restoration work of it can expect this long lost classic to be on dvd and blue ray in the future since it will take time given how old the film is and its its original nitrate print long thought lost. plus for comedian buffs and fans of the legendary Laural and hardy a rare gift coming. one of their very first films a long last soon to be whole again. plus a piece of movie history is no longer lost to the ages. and hopefuly now after the restoration work is done the print will be put in a safe home and not go lost again. wonder if this means some where out there a print of the long destroyed lon chenny film london after midnight could exist after all too.