and any time now not only will 6 hundred million proably be scrambling trying to figure out what to do about health care and the repubs could start scrambling to save their asses from voters by having to  say they are going to fix it so the people who may now be without health care after buying some using the subsides and mostly to make sure the health care industry does not go crazy with high rates. even though some repubs will really have a smile that they finaly killed obmacare .  a scramble could be on any time now for scotus could issue their ruling in the health care case over the subsides if they are just for states that set them up or ment for every one who got on the exchange.  chaos could be coming any time now as a health care ruling by scotus could come . or maybe the justices will wait and make it one of their last rulings right before the gay marriage one. draw out the scramble and panic.