and it was bound to happen sooner or later besides some family or both deciding on going to keep the money not going to give it  away not even some of it. that sooner or later one of the families might wind up with the whole 100 grand . which happen with the matas . melanosons families. for both turn out to be giving to their communties. one with the dad being an out of work firefighter still trying to keep it going including the family having foster kids. plus behind on their morgage which nets them from the other family 50 grand. and they in turn give the whole thing to the meltetois who at first came off a little almost vain when they get the briefcase learn of the money and decide oh lets have a party. only to be  pilars of the community and wound up with the whole grand which was bound to happen. just like any time and any episode left some one is going to decide nope keeping all the cash. its bound to happen before the briefcase finaly ends its run. maybe for good unless cbs goes oh lets bring back for another season even as a mid season thing.