and there is not even a script written yet for the movie verison of the book raised eyebrows  written by groucho’s former assistant and currator of his memorbila steve stoliar  the book tells in detail being in the storm that was groucho final years mostly when he was hooked up with that infamous erin flemming. aka the fame whore who hooked up with groucho some think because of his connections to a whose who of hollywood.  the book goes into detail what went on there. but what is really make waves with fans of groucho and the marx brothers is that directing the film is going to be rob zombie  yes the same rob zombie who remade halloween and also made the classic 1 thousand corpe some are afraid he is going to make the thing be a horror film about grouncho when its knowledge that rob is  a marx brothers fan and named some of his movie characters after them . so given that no doubt he will treat the source material with care espically since its about one of his idols groucho. wonder who he will cast to play erin plus who is going to step up and risk marx fans backlash by daring to play groucho. in it once the script is done and filming finaly begins. rob zombie steps out of his normal generae he is known for by making his next project about a idol of his groucho marx and his final years  told in the book raised eyebrows.