guess some one gave eddie a page from paul stanley and gene simmons play book when it comes to being dismissive and really not admit that other former band members helped with your success. mostly in a  billboard interview that has sammy hagger seeing red and saying eddie you are a liar and gurrenteing that just like david lee roth and van halen never being back together . sammy hagger will never be back again with the band. and given what eddie just said and claimed about  former bases mike anthony odds are van halen will never have any of its original line up or some part again . mostly the claim that has caused a war of words with sammy now is that eddie had to teach mike how to play every note for the songs plus he also said mike singing had to redubed with his voice for it sucked. which had sammy seeing red in his response. geez and one thought the hatred gene simmons paul  and ace and peter have for each other or courtney love and dave grole was something. eddie just made those two feuds become tame a little bit . for good thing van halen is now just him or family for the way he is talking eddie has wound up killing van halen as it use to be by showing that to him it was all him and no one else who helped. another so called rock legend turns out to become a not nice human when it comes to his own band.