and with it now mostly 14 days unless by the end of the week scotus winds up surprising every one and one of its next rulings is the gay marriage one. as the clock ticks down to when the justices will hand down the ruling that will shake up every one. churches are now busy scrambling to make it so they can continue to deny and not perform gay marriages by passing orders that are saying ignore the ruling and even telling clerks don’t peform the ceramonies. which has also put the repubs in a bind for they need the religeous right base including the evangalicals who make up the charge but also need the key voters who favor gay marriage too. besides gay couples once the ruling is issued have other places to marry besides churches .  as a scramble is on by the religeous right and churches to protect themsevles when the justices finaly send down the ruling every one is waiting for  that will proably happen either some time next week or maybe this week.