and after even presdital repubs execpt santorum and paul and huckabee not wanting to get involved. but with even senators of carolina saying that the confederate flag should be taken down espically when the church shooter dylan was found in a picture holding one . even though like it or not the thing is  part of the south history from the civil war times though also is seen as to some a symbol of hate and how to some south carolina history of racism . but giving into demand and saying it is the best thing in light of things. the governor of south carolina said the flag will go down and also the legislature will deal with the next step of it even if a special session has to be had. as for the confederate flags final fate other then people who have one like tats or such the thing looks to be going byebye as even walmart is pulling any product with that thing on it. though south carolina should put the thing in a museme as  a way to remember that some of its history and heritage was racist with the flag as a symbol of that . or maybe some one can burn the  thing and be rid of the confederate flag for good. at least sc is making a geasture by getting rid of that nasty symbol of their racist history of the south by taking it down plus a geasture of support to the victims families.