and the acts keep showing the judges on america got talent that they are willing to do any thing no outrageous limit .  from a woman who did bird calls yes bird calls and looked like a cloris leachman clone wearing a crazy out fit. to a group that  looked like a work of art come to life. plus animal acts too a bird that was naughty a turtle that got buzzed. plus a dog act too. and also dancers and singers one whose nerves got to her but still got sent through even with two nos. then another young lady who blew every one away singing opera yes opera and only at eleven years old.  and wound up earning hedi golden buzzer and going straight to radio city . plus what was bound to happen sadly a dance troupe had an accident when one of their members knees went out and had to go to the hospital but the troupe got a second chance go on and then came a guy who wound up performing with a chainsaw for the first time ever even coming close to cutting his nose off he made it through. plus also a mentalist who blew the judges away by revealing what mel was thinking in a note something about fiji. as the acts keep pushing the limits and showing the judges america does have talent more so this season.