and thus expected either today or monday at the earliest. or worse next friday as the last ruling the justices were to issue this term. but a day that will be marked for the gay rights fight as a day of victory and for civil rights history the justices finaly handed down their ruling on gay marriage with kennedy writing the opinion citing that marriage is a fundemental right under the constitution for all people.which means all gay marriage bans are now dead though some states mostly repubs will drag their heels in putting the ruling in place. other wise in a historic ruling  and issuing their ruling in the second most watched case. the justices stated gays have a constitutional right to marriage as fellow humans . which also means the head of the lead gay rights group is now out of job too. which is one good way to be out of one now. as the gay marriage ruling is in from scotus and now the wedding business better get ready for some big profits now . a good day for marriage and rights. and also some where scalia is ranting and raving over the ruling .