and what is also  proably the final round of auditons since soon they start the cut for the live ones.  from a cute angel named heavely who blows the judges away to a guy who lifted a bleacher of people not to mention a new record holder smashing fruit. plus a father and mother get into the act juggling and messing with crows bows the mother throwing them around  to  a horse act of sibs who made it plus a young daredevil who jumped 18 feet from a crain and got through even though he scared hedi. then toping it off  a lovely lady who showed age has no limit and are proably going to have her grand kids wonder if maybe grandma needs a nursing home now. the lady got into a car with explosvies and blew her self up and got through even though she got one no agi proably now finishes what may be their last round of audtions or not.