normaly today is the day new laws including in south dakota will be in effect  all but thanks to a ballot drive that turned out to have enough once verified by the sect of state  one law that will not go into effect in south dakota  the one that made it so those under 18 will not get the minium wage raise which had people mad and seeing the legislature as doing a fu to the voters who passed the thing but now the thing is going to be on the ballot so the law will not go into effect till 2016 and given how much controversy and how mad voters got with the legislature when they passed the thing odds are it may wind up voted  that the thing never be in play . along with one that would have made it impossible for indepent voters to really be part of the process or get on the ballot but mostly as what will be a message to the legislature don’t think of trying an end run around the voters say the teen minium wage bill looks like it will be faceing a death at the ballot now . enough to be on it .