and picking up from last season extant starts off with the government saying they have a court order for ethan for the plan to make the robots weapons which as expected molly puts up fight with her husband who the baddies soon kill in a train wreck by hacking his car and then has molly committed and locked up in the looney bin a big mistake as she manages to with help supplied by jeffery dean morgan aka the comedian from watchman . sort of like a watchman x-men team up. after first going after her for a bounty he winds up helping her . which to the baddies including the lady holding ethan while he waits for reprograming . molly about to teach them that even if ethan is  a robot to her he is his child and no body messes with a mother and her kid.  or as the one song says no body wants to be around when mama goes to war.  the mama being molly as extant returns for a new season.