and now continuing the plan to have a new relationship with cuba which will soon include the president trying to get congress to finish things and lift the embargo as the last thing which is going to be a hard sell since a few issues like cuba human rights record and also what to do about them harbing known u.s fugitives  need to be adressed sooner or later. other wise what is another step in a new cuba and u.s relationship plans are now set to open the embassies cuba and the u.s at last which have not happen since the embargo and the current type swizerland operates as a go between without the benifits of a normal embassy including proably diplomatic immunity . other wise what is another step to cuba and the u.s as total future allies including step closer to the embargo being gone proably by the next president since congress doesn’t want to give the president that credit to end his legacy.  u.s and cuba open embassies.