given how if there is one thing trump really cares about most besides being a rich nut case with a bad hair piece and love firing people. its his source of money his brand. mostly its rep as donald has now found his comments that in his opinion those immigrants who come from mexico are rapist and bring drugs. are besides having the gop in a quadry turn on trump and lose his influence and  keep the  hispanic vote. keep him and defend him and lose the hispanic vote too. his comments that has already cost him nbc working with him any more and also the apprentice . is now looking to hurt his brands . which could mean though donald so far is staying the course since he is second behind jeb bush who is not officialy yet a canidate for the nom.  yes second. but that could change given his brand is starting to hurt and that is one thing the donald does not like his money source taking a hit. donalds mouth is making him start to pay big time.