and thus the final round of auditions happen for america’s got talent from howard finaly getting a boy band he was looking for which was compromised of some twins their brother and best friend all in their 20s . howard gave them their first yes. then came some opera singers. plus a couple who was doing some crazy stuff but when the judges learned they were execs the guy got the riot act from howard , hedi and howie calling him stupid for breaking up with the lovely lady.  they went through then came a competivie eater who decided to drink a few pitchers of raw eggs and manage to keep it in long enough to learn by the judges by three votes since hedi said no to go through they he went to the bathroom and the eggs went where they were proably going to wind up that many. and then to top up the crazy factor a lady came on said she was going to teach people to kiss right using nick as an example which wound up with her getting the xs . as agt finishes up its audtion rounds and net the cut rounds.