and what may wind up as a trend that the view should sadly not hire any one named rosie to be on their panel or if they do only expect them to hang around for a short run. rosie perez made it official that the rumors that she got axed by the view are true this morning to tears from the others and whoopie having to have some one else reveal it because she was too choked up . and for the second time in the views history a panel that has a rosie on it winds up not going to have rosie perez out from the view. plus whoopie wound up also defending herself over her opinion that till a court proves bill cosby guilty once and for all of raping all those woman espicly now that it was revealed he was buying qualudes to rape woman. that her opinion is he is innocent till proven guilty which is a right under the constitution as the view loses rosie this time perez not odonnel. and whoopie defends herself over cosby.