even though there are five days to go before harper lee fans can at last get a hold of the still a little controversial monkingbird sequel  go set a watchman. controversial for there is still some debate on if harper lee herself really did okay the thing finaly seeing the light of day even though her lawer and agent keeps saying yes she okayed it. but with five days left. fans who manage to read the sneak peek of the first chapter lee gave the okay to be on line. fans are shocked as spoiler warning engaged.  fans who read it wound up shocked to find that  harper her scouts brother jem dead . or as the chapter puts dropped dead in his tracks one day. but does not go into details of how jem did that. and if this happens in the first chapter. wonder what other shocks she could have in the rest of the book. as with only five days to go before go set a watchman is in harper lee fans and kill a monkingbird lovers too. a sneak peek already has fans buzzing and upset as harper lee reveals the fate of one character not good.