with now only four days and counting and fans who read the sneak peak at the first chapter realing that spoiler warning again that harper lee whacked scouts brother jem. but from those who manage to get an early copy of the book turns out the main reason harper lee besides being asked to write to kill a monking bird instead when she pitched the book . is turns out spoiler warnings again turns out that besides forgetting the thing existed turns out that the reason harper lee proably deemed the book unpublishible is that it would wind up destroying the view of atticus finch fans got . mostly because those who got an early copy discovered that atticus is a racist after all and even attended kkk meeetings in the book. no wonder harper lee never let this book see the light of day for so long for proably fear that it would make fans who had such a belief that atticus finch was a good guy and new racisim is wrong. wind up crushed to find that he is actully has racist views let alone a member of the kkk. as more bombs keep coming making go set a watchman proably going once released tuesday high on the best seller list due to controversy and the surprises in it.