and if one needed any more proof that donald trump is truely and ass hole and the nation would truely be in trouble imo electing him president. his latest stunt should prove it as trump  is now under fire finaly from not only his fellow gop opponents for the nom but also from the party itsself at last after being silent on his comments about immigrants. but this time donald mouth has gotten him in trouble big including having the likes of rick perry calling for donald to drop out . the comments that john mccain is no war hero for being captured in vietnam when he got shot down . that donald respects those troops who don’t get captured. the comments wound up causing the republican party to go into defending one of their own with even santorum saying mccain is a hero period. plus also another repub saying that donald is a fine one to talk when he avoided the draft five times for vietnam. looks like trumps mouth is finaly going to bring his campaign down in flames as his latest target mccain which has the gop  up in arms and going after him . wonder how long before some  of the gop leadership tells trump okay thats it  get out of the race now period.