and thus once again filling in time till next weeks finale when andria will either pick nick or sean  which made the thing amazing that given their dislike of each other they did not turn the show into a jerry springer episode.  though the show was not with out some fireworks from some of the men letting lose on andria including her bringing in nick later in the game plus one guy messing with her dressing like a pigeon given how scared she is of the bird which was shown on the blooper reel . plus jt and his partner finaly getting called on on their little bromance. but mostly the guys gave their view of their experiance of being on the show  a few coming back for bacherlors in paradise.  plus some fans of the show showed they were unhappy with her as the bachelorette by some nasty tweets that even said she was a slut . and the f word as the men finaly get their say on being on the bachlelorette the calm before the finale and maybe some heart break.