and thus proving that later not even amuzment parks or even space are safe from a shark nado. sharknado three oh hell no took it up a bit when fin while receiving an award from the president of the u.s played ironiclly by shark tanks own mark cuban. it does not take long and even the nations capital expercieces the fury of a sharknado including when fin takes off to get his family in florida. the sharks even take out a real house wife who was screaming about him taking cars. then having to fly through in a plane. as the shark nado really picks up hitting the park where a pregnat tara reids character and kids are yes hititng the park and eating anything in its path including taking out jerry springer. and even former wwe wrestler chris jerico plus also some one who looked like grm.  and then it does not take long before fin and crew learn the way to prevent more death is they have to up in space and neutrilize the sharknado with a lazer beam from nasa which then playing fins father brings in none other then the hoff. who fires the lazer and does not get eaten by a shark. but sadly left to a differant fate. alive . then the crew goes back to earth where a shark eats nicki and she gives birth to the baby in the shark yes in the shark . then setting up shark nado four gets crushed by falling debri. her fate revealed if she lived or died in sharknado four. wonder how they will top three. oh hell no two.