and thus proving that the one called three on sci fis channel dark matter who would betray the others in a second if it suited his purposes. or he could make a fortune  wound up proving he has a  heart when an old love comes aboard only to be suffering from an incurable disease. as the crew also picks up another android that number one the leader turns out who is more a pleasure bot that causes their other main lady android to fell jelousy that she does not like this new arrival and with good reason for the new android has a plan of revenge for number three due to him causing the death of him and his unit three was part of . and he is doing it by taking over the bridge and setting the ship on course to crash into a sun. and to make things really bad she takes out the other android and locks out number five who has to navigate around the things. plus to really make it bad the power all over the ship fails and the cryo unit three puts his love in till he can find a cure for her disease the power goes out and she dies.  with one apoligizing that its his fault he turned on the pycho bot. three says is it your fault she got the disease too then if no we are good. as revenge and love hits dark matter. at least giving all the characters a number for a name makes it easy to keep track of who is who. till they finaly reveal their real names again. plus three does have a heart and is not too evil and would sell one out in a heart beat.