and thus proof that not even the justices of scotus after twice upholding the health care act and also making it known they repeal it they will pay a big price next election . for those who lose their much gained health care . the repubs are once again at it by planning on tieing a repeal of it to the upcoming highway funding bill they are trying to pass which is sure to not only force a filebuster in the senate by some dems who are still for it but also some how if the thing survives just asking for a veto knowing they would not be able to get enough for an override even with dems. as proving they still don’t know the battle is over leave the health care act alone and if one wants to mess with it how about bringing up and passing some fixes to the bat parts of it. instead for like the 60th time repubs moving for a health care repeal that will go no where. this time tieing it to a bill that has support and congress wants to pass.