and proving that politics is really dirty. including even having the fbi involved espically if the head has a personal vendetta. as south dakota is now learning that by orders of none other then president nixon mostly to win another term that south dakota’s own george mcgovern who lost the presidency nom to nixon was a target of a personal vendetta by none other then j edgar hoover.yes the legendary j edgar hoover had it in for mcgovern including trying to see if he really faithful to his country and also giving nixon the ammo mcgovern had a iligement kid  which cost mcgovern a chance to win the presidency and also some cabinet posts. plus hoover also looked to see if he was a connumist. talk about a vendetta for the file is so think that one is going to have to have a nice pot a coffee and time to kill reading it if they get the okay to do so. as one of south dakota’s own favorite son mcgovern revealed to have ticked off the legendary j edgar hoover to the point of him having a personal vendetta  from a just released fbi file.