and not only after sharknado three did sci fi go back to the killer spiders this time giant tartula’s who spew lava a as they call them lavarantula’s  but wound up giving fans a mini police academy reunion as the lead character was played by steve gutterberg who after he walks off a movie set which was a favor to a friend he winds up having to not only save his family from the things but also wind up with help from two of his former co stars none other then hooks and and johnsey who gave his character his break. and figure out thanks to steves kid who with his friends go running from the things figure out who to stop them by using liquid nitrogen  tied to bombs including going after the queen laverantula . only for the bomb to not work and steve having to done a old power ranger type suit flies into her with the bomb and blows her to bits. a new franchise in the making for sci fi. plus police academy got a little mini reunion . if they had added the guy who played tackleberry in it he would be armed to the teeth blowing every one of those things up proably.or shooing in a tank.