and thus for damon wayans he not only learned how hard the judges work on america got talent.  by winding up falling asleep even at the desk. as the judges made some more cuts deciding what acts went on . which also included one getting a golden buzzer which he can thank damon for . the act who got the buzzer the ventriquilest guy who  audtion with his baby  aka his dummy . with the baby trying to tell the guy he needs to duck for he  has to pee with the guy thinking the baby wanted ducks in all the stories. and then the water works flew. which damian got impressed enough to use the buzzer. but sadly one of the acts who did not make it was the guy who showed up and sung about his son who died of cancer at five years . instead a guy who did his take on dolly partons joleene. as more cuts made and also turns out pierce morgans’s return to the show is as a guest judge for the final round of cuts.