and thus  given how long its been since like the case of db coopers real i.d or jack the rippers i.d. one of history’s greatest mysteries that will never be solved ever . the disappearance of jimmy hoffa  . as feds revealed they got another new lead which happens from time to time with the old case. the lead coming from another former mobster claiming he took part in getting rid of the remains. and also telling them before he croaked that the feds were on the right path when they dug up a landfill and farm mostly the landfill that the tip was now that hoffa remains were put in a barreel that got buried in the landfill but given how if mobsters were involved in hoffa vanishing  . there is no way to ever find his remains or proably if the feds could find the barrel being hinted at by the tip try and test it for dna for odds are by now any dna is gone . as once again another lead that will turn out to not be the key that at last solves the mystery once and for all of what happen to former teamster leader jimmy hoffa. new tip by someone saying they were part of his demise. claiming the key was a landfill tub. the only way this case would ever be solved if jimmy hoffa himself came back from the dead as a ghost and reveal all.