and thus not only knowing the annual sturgis motorcycle rally is now a ripe old age of 75. which means security and law enforcement. are in high gear  including from three states as bikers gear up and start hitting the road for the big party known as the sturgis motorcycle rally and a big party it is since this one is  the 75th which is like the dimond one or something. which also means south dakota economy is getting some funds from all the parting too. but mostly bikers galore are now about to converge and party this week. which means law enforcement has put out the call are are ready to start doing their duty including security . as one can expect to see bikers on the road their destination sturgis the reason a party 75 years in the making . the price hopefuly law enforcement does not have to go all out just maybe some time a few drunks in a jail cell or worse some one tries to solicite a illegal prositute there. the normal stuff that always happens at sturgis that has law enforcement busy. the gears are ready to be thrown now as the party for bikers starts and thus law enforcement will be having some nice pay coming .