talk about having fate that the show will be a hit even as a prequel to the walking dead fear the dead has yet to even premire and air its first season and already amc  has okayed a second season and a big one a 15 episode order for season two first one got just six. talk about having fate that the thing is not going to turn out to start being too much of a good thing and running the walking dead franchise into the ground too soon. for the show has yet to even be shown to fans of the walking dead who will tune in out of curisoty of what the world was like when the zombie plaque first hit. but giving it a second season for a big 15 episode run they will have to break it up in chucks.  and in other walking dead news. fans who are waiting and waiting now that rick and crew are in alexandria who are waiting and waiting for when negan will pop up and proably play whack a mole with glen using lucille.  kirkman kind of hinted that fans wait may soon end but not till proably the end of the upcoming season since he knows how much fans want to see Negan show up but kirckman and the other show runners motto is they will not have the character appear till they can do them right given if they are a fan fave like the governor or Michone. but walking dead fans may have a reason to not miss the coming season now as kirkman finaly hints some more Negan and his old trusty weapon Lucille may at long last be showing up which sadly means glens days could be numbered before the upcoming season is over with.