and given the support that came by loyal customers to a coffee house once news broke that some people in the pay day loan industry was trying to ruin the place all due to the owner leading the charge to put on south dakota’s ballot a measure that would cap interest rates on pay day loans and proably drive the business away from south dakota. the dirty actions may wind up if the group can now use it to their advantage may wind up back firing and getting the thing not only on the ballot but passed since south dakotan’s do not like dirty politics of any kind  but trying to wreck a busines due to the owner political ideas is bound to wind up backfiring on the pay day loan execs who not only came up with the idea of flooding the place with homeless people to drive the regulars away. using the homeless as a political ball which is also a reason that may come to bite the execs in the ass but also the one who did the recruiting and sent them to the place . may learn the hard way don’t  try that stuff even as they wait to see if their counter measure will get okayed for the ballot. as dirty tricks by the pay day loan industry may wind up helping a ballot initive they don’t want passed to get passed in south dakota