and thus proving that even classic creatures like puppets or in this case the muppets that relationshps are hard and a little bit of art imitating life since in the muppets new show kermit and miss piggy are broken up because kermit is seeing a pig named denise. now looks like kermit will get to be able to be with denise more as following the breaks ups of reba and her husband and gwen stefani fileing for divorce from gavin . now comes in the break up department kermit and miss piggy no more. yes kermit and miss piggy now made it clear on their twitters feeds that its over at last their long time on and off romance that has been part of the history of the muppets is now off .  showing that even romance and love may not last for classic characters like the muppets now. and love really is hard in hollywood for even kermit and miss piggy say its a wrap.