with word of mouth from fans saying its making roger cormans attempt look good. plus even josh trank saying that the end result of fox latest attempt at marvels first family film wise even though its fight some how for the number one at the box office.  was not his doing but fox execs messing around including the ending.   and even as the film fights to get number one. the thing is so far being written off by fans and critics and due to its take so far a bomb . the first marvel film bomb. which could mean though doubt ful for fox proably won’t learn from this and just okay a sequel any way. which could now mean with it not doing what fox had hoped and mostly fans of the characters sending a message by having the film not make as much as the x-men franchise has made for fox or the other marvel films. but mostly fans saying not interested with this current take. odds are fox may wind up telling marvel when all is said and done here have the rights back now . which would give marvel film a whole bunch of characters they can’t use with fox having the rights to ff. like silver surfer galactus. kang which was asked about for guardians. and the skrulls of course since given how the film is bombing odds are fox may wind up finaly to save face hand the fantastic four back to marvel . or to get the okay for an x-men tv show since disney owns the tv rights.