after so long trying to bring steven kings most ambitious work to the big screen from studio after studio trying then passing. and the latest plan being it done still as a movie and a tv series. now going to be produced by ron howard . taking a risk and seeing the next big franchise . sony has wound deciding to take the journey of bringing the thing to life at last. by revealing on its slate of future release dates the dark tower set for jan 13  2017 having so much fate they fast tracked it and are hunting for a director to step in where ron howard left off and take a stab at the epic. and the plan looks still to be one movie one season of the tv show as one of the books. with the first one and the one fast tracked already the gunslinger. though even sony still won’t be allowed to do some things from the book or tv series without the censors having a meltdown and risking a nc17 rating. mostly the spoiler warning the one part where in one of the books roland to stop sueannanna the female lead from birthing a demon baby has to take a bullet and give her an abortion. no way the studio will allow it shown or who ever is doing the tv show will have it shown either though proably as a future dvd extra . other wise not going to happen when sony gets to that part of the saga. as the dark tower keeps proving to what would make steven king himself happy the dark tower just won’t stay dead as a film franchise. with sony taking  a stab at it. the gunslinger set for jan 13 2017