and it was bound to happen since  bob baffert and the owers of triple crown winner american pharoh said they were going to still race him as much as they want then retire him that mostly to build some excite ment for non triple crown races. at the whitney handicap the owner of a one time rival of american pharoh issued a challenge to him bring it to either the next race that is august 29 another stakes  one or wait as bob baffert said would be american pharoh’s swan song  the breeders cup and make it a show down one last time. though just the talk of american pharoh showing up to make  a rival eat crow is enough to start a buzz. as a race horse owner at the latest race the whitney hanicap says he wants american pharoh . the question is is the guy preped to eat his words should bob baffet bring american pharoh and he finds himself eating his dust or at the breeders cup too.