and as donald tries to do some more damage control over the remarks he keeps making about woman. the repubs party face a quandry how to get rid of trump before he does so much damage with his mouth and views that he drives away woman voters for good and winds up with his mouth espically now that he has gone after hilery who he has given money to  over her email account. since having him drop out is hard to do given he has money and is leading plus if he did drop out he would carry out his threat to run as a independent.  which donald would try to do . knowing him. as the repubs face another problem besides their cred taking hits with key voters. including woman more so with their attacks on planned parenthood.  and its name is trump how to get rid of him for good and out of the race. since odds are he will take the battle all the way close to the end when maybe bush will get the nom or walker. trump proving to be gold for dems and a headache for repubs with his mouth