and the miracles in hollywood keep happening now for first bill murray doing a ghost busters cameo. and now word is flying that for one of his next projects steven spielberg though odds are since he made it clear over and over he is fine with his retirement . so odds are steven is going to wind up even with help from mel brooks going to wind up with going down as the hollywood guy who tried to get the legendary gene wilder out of retirement and back on the screen. yes steven is looking and from sources close to things secretly revealed steven and gene might have talked steven is interested in gene in one of his projects including a  roald d dahl project mostly voice work called the bfg  which is interesting given one of the roles that made gene wilders fame was playing willie wonka in the original charlie and the chocolate factory . though given how dahl put in his will he did not want one of his books made into a movie interesting how steven has a roald dahl project  in the works other wise even if gene is just going to do the voice work.  steven will still have pulled off the ulimate thing in hollywood getting gene wilder to unretire the only thing that could top these two things is now del torro saying that a studio put full funding to do at the mountains of madness fully