if there is any more reason hoa are evil and the ones running the things some time have sticks up their butts  and too much time on the hands.  one family in miss is now looking at facing their hoa in court the issue they don’t like that the stout family playhouse and swing set is purple even though the thing does not violate the bylaws that says any thing put on the property has to be in harmony with the neighbor hood plus mrs. stout who said she propsed alternate colors including pink but got turned down. as for the other neighbors they made it known they find the whole thing stupid and want the lawsuit dropped one saying you are wasting money that could be used for other things all over the color of a playhouse plus the fact is on private property and the bylaws don’t say that something can’t be a color like purple. a judge is set to issue his ruling on what to do with the lawsuit hopefuly he tells the hoa shove it and leave the playhouse and swing alone. for its not harming any one .  as a family faces some legal mess over their kids swingset  and playhouse being purple yes a lawsuit over a purple playhouse.