and thus some acts still live for the semi finals round on america got talent. with their fates in the hands of voters. and no surprise mostly due to the fact paul lenlin did the ulimate trick he made his dummy do a chucky and come to life  as he walked off stage after a pretend fight with the dummy. made the dummy appear to come to life all be itsself . and thus got the first vote in. followed by drew the young comedian who has won the hearts with his story about using comedy due to the fact a tragedy has made him forever stutter. plus the guy in the dragon suit manage to also make it in some how and the judges wound up having the final say on the final act of the night to go through and with a three to one vote howie picking the other act they samatha. as some acts can breathe easy now they are going on to fight to win america’s got talent for another round with more results to come.